Baby Wash – Bioderma ABCDerm Gel Moussant – Review

I have found a hypo-allergic, safe product in form of Bioderma ABCDerm Gel Moussant for my baby.


Learn Emotions with Balloons – Balloonee – Review

Balloons are loved by almost every kid and bring joy and smiles on face in any age group. Balloons are perfect for DIY Home Decor and fun learning with kids. If you have read my earlier posts, you would know how I involve my toddler in every thing I do these days and try to... Continue Reading →

Pretend-Play Cooking – with Hape Toys – Review

Have you noticed your kid checking your temperature with a thermometer pretending to be a doctor or nurse? Pretend Play is very important is various aspects as it enhances development of Language, Imagination, Social and Emotional behavioral skills, Thinking and understanding of practical aspects.

Dinosaurs Jump and Hide in Cloud Dough

So I recently tried this Dinosaur Jumping Game, which is awesome fun and kept my hyperactive boy busy for almost an hour, Β that I got my cooking done in the meantime. Then I read about Sensory Play using Cloud Dough which is edible safe and great for motor and sensory learning.

Art & Craft Activities for Toddlers

"Every Child is an Artist." - said Pablo Picasso So just hand him over the pallet and brush and "let him color his own world". My toddler just loves coloring. The moment he sights a brush, a sketch, a crayon.. only thing he insists to do is paint.

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