DIY RAINBOW Themed Party

Themed birthday parties are so much fun. Though Deciding on the theme of birthday party is not easy and even more difficult is to decorate the house accordingly. Here are some absolutely simple do-able DIY home-decor ideas for a RAINBOW Themed Birthday Party which I planned for my son's 4th Birthday. Starting from Rainbow Invites... Continue Reading →


With the festive season around the corner, Selecting a gift is a tough job especially for a kid, today mostly kids have the regular generic plus special toys already in their possession, and every parent and kid have particular preference in dresses.... SO WHAT TO PRESENT A KID ?? Here are some gender neural gift... Continue Reading →

Christmas Crafts – Quick DIYs for Kids

With Christmas around the corner, the month of festivities has started and with it the month of celebration, excitement, sharing, gifting and decorations. Involving kids in celebrations,decorations, planning etc. is a great idea and for that creating handmade crafts, gifts, decor stuff is excellent way - to help them understand and feel the joy and... Continue Reading →

How Parents Can Help Their Teens Overcome Depression – Guest Post

Understanding Teenage Depression: How Parents Can Help Their Teens Overcome It As a parent raising teenage kids, you may be alarmed at the growing cases of teenage depression reported in the news. ¬†Fortunately, there is help for teenage depression. Various studies have been done, with impressive success results. If you suspect that your teenager is... Continue Reading →

Things a New Mom wants to say on Face

Giving birth is exciting, happiness, elated moment for family members as well as new mom. Everyone is seen dancing with joy, sharing stories of their child-birth, narrating hard-ships and problems they faced during birthing and after that. When a new mother is trying to make sense of so many things happening at the same time... Continue Reading →

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