How to Educate about Privacy to Young Kids

We often under-estimate our kids. We think these mini-humans would not understand some high concepts or intense thoughts or emotions. But they have a super potential to surprise us by their wisdom when we least expect them too. These young minds are like sponges, they soak in everything they see or hear - be it... Continue Reading →


Magic Milk Coloring Experiment

Magic Milk Coloring is Simple science experiment that we can do with toddlers and young kids too, with material easily available at home. It can be called a Kitchen Experiment, as we will use kitchen items for our science experiment. It is a super fun activity to see color fireworks in milk. Perfect activity for... Continue Reading →


Summers are here and with them comes the school vacations, which means confused, bored, irritated kids at home who are house arrest in the noon times. Here are few no-preparation activities to keep them busy and occupied. Frozen Toys: Simply freeze any toy like mine loves dinosaur, so I usually freeze miniature dinosaurs inΒ  a... Continue Reading →

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