Dinosaurs Jump and Hide in Cloud Dough

So I recently tried this Dinosaur Jumping Game, which is awesome fun and kept my hyperactive boy busy for almost an hour,  that I got my cooking done in the meantime. Then I read about Sensory Play using Cloud Dough which is edible safe and great for motor and sensory learning.


Cafe 302, Abu Dhabi – A Cafe with Kids Menu

A baby brings so many changes in your life and lifestyle. We had stopped going out for dining or even a coffee over the weekends, for more than a year now. Take away or home delivery seems much more convenient option with a hyper active toddler, where everyone gets fed, at the least.

Art & Craft Activities for Toddlers

"Every Child is an Artist." - said Pablo Picasso So just hand him over the pallet and brush and "let him color his own world". My toddler just loves coloring. The moment he sights a brush, a sketch, a crayon.. only thing he insists to do is paint.

How to Teach KINDNESS to your kids?

On the occasion of world Kindness Day, I would not mention the theoretical, non-practical, political statements about showing kindness. Instead, I would like to quote “Be Kind to Yourself by Being Kind to Others”. The word “Kindness” is a bunch of emotions/gestures/actions which are not that difficult to follow if we understand the practical application... Continue Reading →

Why I never say GOOD BOY?

There is a usual norm to say “Good Boy/Girl” to a kid when he/she does something which he/she is SUPPOSEDLY SUPPOSED to do. For ex.: He finishes his meal…. GOOD BOY He cleans his room….. GOOD BOY He listens to mommy….. GOOD BOY He pees in bathroom…. GOOD BOY So does that mean not eating food makes him a BAD BOY?? Or if he pees in his pants, we will stop loving him??

Montessori Inspired Toddler-Day

Dr. Maria Montessori developed the Montessori method of education which emphasizes mainly on the development of the "whole" child - physical, social, emotional, cognitive. Hereby, I am listing a few practices that should be a part of the daily routine and the baby should be encouraged to do on his own. Better is to "practice rather than teach".

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