Fire Engine: Easy Cardboard Craft

" When he hears that fire alarm Sam is always cool and calm " . Did you just sang it with me while reading ?? ๐Ÿ˜‰ .. that means you have a Fireman Sam fan too!! Here is an easy peasy DIY FIRE ENGINEย ๐Ÿš’ for my Fireman Sam fan boy. Requirements: ๐Ÿš’ย 2 Cardboard boxes -... Continue Reading →


Felt Icecreams – Quick Summer Craft for Kids

It's summer time, so let's scream for some Icecreams .. It is sometimes so difficult to think of activities when we are on a house arrest due to summers. This is a very simple, easy and quick Felt Craft for Kids. Required: Colorful Felt Sheets Glue / Glue Gun Scissors Marker Ruler Popsicles/ Icecream sticks... Continue Reading →

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