With the festive season around the corner, Selecting a gift is a tough job especially for a kid, today mostly kids have the regular generic plus special toys already in their possession, and every parent and kid have particular preference in dresses…. SO WHAT TO PRESENT A KID ??

Here are some gender neural gift ideas for kids. Reason I say “GENDER NEUTRAL” is gone are the days when girls only played with dolls and kitchen sets; and boys only wanted cars and trucks.

Today both boys and girls have a variety of interests ranging from cooking, singing, dancing to construction, sports etc. and more parents are focusing on raising with “GENDER EQUALITY” perspectives!! BRAVO!!

Be it a boy or girl, he/she needs to learn the Basic Life Skills irrespective of the body form.. and needs to rise above such boundations. So presenting few great gender-unbiased gift ideas :

  1. BOOKS

Books anytime are the best gifts for a young mind. Some story books are classic and are always loved. Some age-appropriate books like:

  • Touch and feel books for 0-6 months old
  • Lift-the-flap or Pull-the-flap books for 1-2 years old
  • Story books and Board books for all ages
  • Age appropriate sound, activity, sticker, coloring, picture books or general knowledge or fact books etc.



Along with the regular kitchen and doctor sets, a lot of more options are also available these days for enhancing imagination and understanding of day-to-day life skills by pretend-play. A girl should know to fix a nail and a boy should learn to cook and take care of baby too.

  • Grocery Sets/Cashier Kit
  • Cooking Sets
  • Tools Kits
  • Construction Sets
  • Shopping Trolley
  • Baby/doll pram
  • Baby Care Sets



A superb gift for curious minds to explore and find out about more surroundings, space etc.




The best gift to give a young child is the multiple activity based subscription box. The one my toddler is in love with right now is FLINTOBOX.

Flintobox has absolutely unique and original set of age-appropriate activities which definitely are suitable for both kids, regardless of the gender. The small set up kits are based on improvement of gross motor and fine motor skills along with some social skill enhancement.

Screenshot_20181222-024244_Video PlayerScreenshot_20181222-024323_Gallery

They have customized boxes for ages 2-12 years and kids are never going to get bored of them. Mine enjoys defeating mommy in “Frog Jumping in the well” game, loves to plant trees in his garden in a different manner each time, knows about planting seeds and how they grow into plant etc.. Absolutely value for money and never a let down.

Such variety of activities encourage child’s creativity and imagination, increases understanding of basic skills or rules. My boy has learnt to try again and again till his frog lands in the well and then he would challenge himself by increasing the distance!! And keeps himself busy.. WIN-WIN!!

Absolutely commendable is the fact that they don’t promote their promote labelled as ‘Pink for Girls’ or ‘Blue for Boys’ or ‘Princess for Girls’ and ‘Superman for Boys’, unlike few other brands in the market.

5-minute quick and easy Christmas Crafts for Kids and Toddlers


According to the age, children love the challenges thrown at them, and so puzzles and board games give just the right food their brain needs to improve logical reasoning and problem solving.


Reason these come at bottom of my list is these are again depending on child’s interest. However some common music instruments like casio or drum are fine and flute or guitar if we know would interest the child.

Similarly regular sports equipments like tennis or badminton kits or cricket bat would be fine or any other sport in particular if we are sure of.

What more “gender-neutral” gifts you would like to add to the list? Do share in comments.

Super craft guide
         Amazing Craft Ideas for Kids
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Mom Learning With Baby


Add yours

  1. Love to see that you have shared a common list here, no boys or girls! I personally loved the periscope and pretend play options. For my kid, he loves playing with cars and blocks.

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  2. I am also so over gifting Barbies and Cars! I buy a lot of gender neautral gifts for birhday parties like supermarket pretend play toys, mechanix, story books, activity books. These are great options you have mentioned.

    Liked by 1 person

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