Galaxy Calm Down Sensory Bottle – Without Gel – Easy DIY

Easy to make Galaxy Starry Night Calm Down Sensory Bottle for toddlers and kids, using only oil and water, without gel.


Fire Engine: Easy Cardboard Craft

" When he hears that fire alarm Sam is always cool and calm " . Did you just sang it with me while reading ?? ๐Ÿ˜‰ .. that means you have a Fireman Sam fan too!! Here is an easy peasy DIY FIRE ENGINEย ๐Ÿš’ for my Fireman Sam fan boy. Requirements: ๐Ÿš’ย 2 Cardboard boxes -... Continue Reading →


Summers are here and with them comes the school vacations, which means confused, bored, irritated kids at home who are house arrest in the noon times. Here are few no-preparation activities to keep them busy and occupied. Frozen Toys: Simply freeze any toy like mine loves dinosaur, so I usually freeze miniature dinosaurs inย  a... Continue Reading →

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