Dinosaurs Jump and Hide in Cloud Dough

So I recently tried this Dinosaur Jumping Game, which is awesome fun and kept my hyperactive boy busy for almost an hour,  that I got my cooking done in the meantime. Then I read about Sensory Play using Cloud Dough which is edible safe and great for motor and sensory learning.


Cafe 302, Abu Dhabi – A Cafe with Kids Menu

A baby brings so many changes in your life and lifestyle. We had stopped going out for dining or even a coffee over the weekends, for more than a year now. Take away or home delivery seems much more convenient option with a hyper active toddler, where everyone gets fed, at the least.

Art & Craft Activities for Toddlers

"Every Child is an Artist." - said Pablo Picasso So just hand him over the pallet and brush and "let him color his own world". My toddler just loves coloring. The moment he sights a brush, a sketch, a crayon.. only thing he insists to do is paint.

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