Fire Engine: Easy Cardboard Craft

” When he hears that fire alarm
Sam is always cool and calm “
Did you just sang it with me while reading ?? πŸ˜‰ .. that means you have a Fireman Sam fan too!!
Here is an easy peasy DIY FIRE ENGINEΒ πŸš’ for my Fireman Sam fan boy.


πŸš’Β 2 Cardboard boxes – I used a thick sturdy delivery box for fire truck and a cereal box for wheels.

πŸš’Β Red and Yellow colored sheets

πŸš’Β Scissors, marker and Glue

πŸš’ Milk bottle cap as Alarm .. because it is not a Fire Engine if it doesn’t have an alarm 🚨
πŸš’ And a thread as water hose.. because this little Fireman of mine wanted it ..


Step 1: Cover the box with red paper and stick using glue or tape.

Step 2: Cut the stairs and windows with yellow sheet.

Step 3: Stick the milk bottle cap as Alarm.


Step 4: Cut 4 wheels with cereal box and paint black or stick black paper.Glue to both sides.

Step 5: Stick a thread as water hose on side


Step 6: Write Fire in both directions …. and your Fire Truck is Ready to roll!!


So here our quick and easy cardboard craft is ready.

If you are looking for more quick, easy, no preparation craft activities to entertain little ones, you may find more ideas here.

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Happy Summers!!







13 thoughts on “Fire Engine: Easy Cardboard Craft

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  1. My toddler recently watched one of the Peppa series wherein she saw a fire engine truck and has been going gaga about it since then. I am sure she will love this DIY.

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