Galaxy Calm Down Sensory Bottle – Without Gel – Easy DIY

Sometimes all mommy hacks and tricks fail to calm down a hyper-active toddler on a week-long vacation; and especially when weather forces to remain house-arrest. I got this idea of making a sensory bottle for my 3-year old to calm him down, specially before bed.

I chose the starry night or galaxy theme for our sensory bottle. Who doesn’t love glitters.. and a little glitter can everything better.

Since I wanted to avoid using gel, so I used baby oil which gives different look to our galaxy bottle. A good learning experiment of oil and water as well. The top silver oil layer shines bright when light falls on it.

This is how it looks when it’s calm


This is how it looks upon shaking

The Galaxy Starry Night Sensory Bottle is very easy and quick to make at home with supplies easily available.


  1. Wide-mouthed plastic bottle
  2. Water
  3. Baby oil
  4. Blue food color or water color (I used food color)
  5. Blue Glitter glue
  6. Silver & blue glitters
  7. Silver, red & blue stars and moon; glow-in-the-dark stars of different sizes etc.
  8. Super glue/hot glue
Easy Science Experiment with milk, food color and dish soap


  1. Mix blue glitter glue in warm water and stir
  2. Fill it in the plastic bottle upon cooling – about 3/4th of bottle
  3. Add a drop or few of blue food/water color in the water and mix – depending on how dark you want your sky to look
  4. Add silver and blue glitters – any quantity you want; the more the better – more stars, more shine
  5. Add stars, moon, glow stars etc.
  6. Fill rest of the bottle with baby oil
  7. Close the cap and shake well
  8. Add more glitters or stars if you wish
  9. Glue the cap – VERY VERY IMPORTANT – before handing over the bottle to little one; you don’t want glitter over your baby or your house
Galaxy Sensory Bottle
Glow-in-the-dark stars

The silver glitter in my bottle remains on the top oil layer while blue settles down in water. And they both give excellent sparkle when shaken vigorously.

It is super fun to see those stars settling down. Even I love shaking up the bottle and can watch the galaxy for hours.

Galaxy Sensory Bottle

Can you spot the moon and red stars.. ?? Well there are a lot of stars in it, but I somehow couldn’t manage to get a good click of the starry bottle.

While the toddler watches the settling of glitters and relaxes himself, mommy gets some “me-time”, so definitely a “win-win”.


Happy Night!! Sleep Tight!!

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26 thoughts on “Galaxy Calm Down Sensory Bottle – Without Gel – Easy DIY

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  1. This is an excellent trick to keep little ones busy and calm for sometime while mommy finishes some chores. I remember, at 3, I had got a busy box for my daughter – I had put strings, large beads, glue, candy sticks…she had a good time stringing beads, glueing sticks, etc. But I like this idea of sensory bottle..!!

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  2. I was drawn to this post because of the title. It was so tempting to read it. But when I read it it give me a whole new level of surprise. I mean this is one of the best things you can make at home to distract your child and it is not harmful in anyway either. Plus who doesn’t like a beautiful glitter, some stars and some moon?

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