Tickikids Review – Guide of Kids’ Activities in UAE

Weekend is here, what's your plan ?? Before kiddo joining our life, we never had to look for kid-friendly weekend spots,or hunt for kids' activities, or toddler-friendly restaurants. But that's how life changes post-kids!! Now Weekends include trip to zoo, park, fun zones, play areas etc. And places that allow messy-painting, have ball-pits, bouncing castles,... Continue Reading →

Say NO to Plastic, Switch to Bamboo

PLASTIC has become an inseparable part of our lives.  From morning toothbrush to meal plates, spoons, stationary, carry bags, to night time combing; we use plastic and a lot of plastic, for that matter. This post is not about the harmful effects or toxic nature of plastic products, we all know that already. This post... Continue Reading →

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