Magic Milk Coloring Experiment

Magic Milk Coloring is Simple science experiment that we can do with toddlers and young kids too, with material easily available at home. It can be called a Kitchen Experiment, as we will use kitchen items for our science experiment.

It is a super fun activity to see color fireworks in milk. Perfect activity for summer or rainy season.


Full fat milk

Food colors (as many as available)

Dish soap

Cotton swabs



It is basically a chemical reaction between soap and milk fat. The soap when touched with milk, breaks its proteins and fats; thus resulting in bursting of colors.



  1. Take milk in a shallow dish
  2. Add few drops of food colors at different places
  3. Dip cotton swab in dish soap
  4. Touch swab with color drops
  5. You will see the colors bursting like fire crackers and make patterns.
  6. You can add more colors
  7. You can make indefinite number of patterns because 2 patterns will never be same even with same colors.

Here is the whole VIDEO of the experiment: Magic Milk ColoringΒ on my YouTube channel.


Keep adding colors and making patterns until there is no more splitting or color bursting.

Enjoy and Learn with Science!!



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