DIY RAINBOW Themed Party

Themed birthday parties are so much fun. Though Deciding on the theme of birthday party is not easy and even more difficult is to decorate the house accordingly.

Here are some absolutely simple do-able DIY home-decor ideas for a RAINBOW Themed Birthday Party which I planned for my son’s 4th Birthday.

rainbow themed party

Starting from Rainbow Invites to Rainbow Thank You cards and Name and Food Tags, I designed them all.. and these will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD SOON.

The Rainbow Birthday Invites Designs are now available for FREE DOWNLOAD.

Rainbow Bday Invite PIN
Invites (Free Printables)

Few RAINBOW HEARTS and tags to stick on walls or doors. DOWNLOAD these printables.

Rainbow Printables
Rainbow themed party invites,thank-you cards,tags

A beautiful balloon rainbow added life to my house and simply looked gorgeous. I made rainbows with long balloons and round balloons and stuck with tape.


It’s best to get a balloon pump rather than fretting over blowing them up. Few white balloons tied as clouds o sides of vertical rainbow.

I bought round balloons with 4th Birthday written over them..plain colored balloons will look equally beautiful.

Rainbow Balloons

Cloud shapes cut out from white chart paper and colored crepe papers stuck to it added even more brighter zing. I had added 2 similar clouds. These can be added more as per space and time.

The food table had rainbow colored cutlery. I used the ones I had at home as it was small gathering. Paper plates,cups and spoons would do the purpose as well.

Rainbow Table

I wanted to avoid too much of junk. So added a colorful plate of RAINBOW FRUITS. But kids do love and expect chocolate, so going with theme, kept few colorful gems tagged as RAINBOW SEEDS. DOWNLOAD the printables.

the cake obviously had to be aligned with the theme, so  ordered for a CHOCOLATE RAINBOW CAKE. and requested the bakery to write my son’s name in Rainbow colors.

Chocolate Rainbow cake

This was the only cake pic I could manage to click dodging with excited kids.

I had also blown few extra balloons to avoid kids from spoiling my theme LOL.

His 3rd Birthday Party for Dinosaur Themed.Dinosaur Themed Party - Free Printables

Few Games included were:

  1. to name RAINBOW COLORS
  2. write your name on white balloon
  3. draw/color rainbow on paper

rainbow party 1

Do let me know how do you find this easy DIY RAINBOW THEME PARTY DECOR in comments.

Also share any more ideas for themed birthday ideas, might use in future.




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  1. I am a big fan of DIY things and after reading your post and ideas, I am feeling so inspired, will surly try this theme for next birthday of my daughter. #Surbhireads #myfriendalexa

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