Amazing Craft Ideas for Kids -Guest Post

A mom truly grows and learns with her baby. Be it cooking, crafting, playing cricket, multi-tasking, etc. 

Meet 3 DIY crafty moms who came together to bring out the most innovative, fun, creative ideas of crafts and activities to keep your young kids engaged. They named their page as CRAFT.SET.GO


A big hello from the team of Craft.Set.Go, made up of three craft loving mums:
Khushboo from Mumzy Notebook,
Amanda from Raising My Knight and
Latika from Stars in the Desert.

From a very young age our kids have loved creating crafts and getting messy with colours. And ofcourse, as proud mums we showcased their little masterpieces for the whole world to see on Instagram. This also happens to be how we three mums got together, sharing our love for all this arts and crafts and started an online community. A virtual place to engage with other art loving mums, and inspire them to create something fun and memorable with their kids.

Craft.Set.Go was launched in the month of May 2018. The concept is that every week, we decide on a theme and then using inspirational posts, instastories of our own and live videos, invite mums and their kids to join in with the theme.  Through out the week, we support mums through videos or direct messages. At the end of the week, we create a collage of all the theme related crafts that our lovely community create and submit, and put it up on Social media. In turn, we keep parents curious and engaged. We also have lots of fun and share our own lives with our arty community, and love hearing from them too. Only a few months old, Craft.Set.Go has already generated a lot of interest, a new found love for everything arty and crafty, and we have lots more surprises in store for everyone. If you haven’t been part of our online art community, we would love to personally invite you.

To get social with us, please visit and follow us on:
In the mean time, we would love to tell you about our own favorite crafts that we’ve created with our child (ren):
Khushboo Sanjania – Mumzy Notebook

Hi, my name is Khushboo. I am a parenting and lifestyle blogger at Mumzy Notebook and a mummy to a 3 year old daughter. Here are my favourite two crafts that we’ve made together:

1. Matching colours Paint Board with Cloth Pegs

This craft is easy to make, with a minimum list of materials. I created this craft when teaching colours to my daughter. The craft not only teaches her colour recognition, but the cloth pegs also help her work on those fine motor skills. This craft is also very handy to take with us on road trips, and can be edited in various ways to teach various other skills, for example, numbers, shapes, sight words etc.

Click here to read on a detailed tutorial on how to create this craft.
2. Egg Carton Snake

This craft is not only easy to prepare, but very cheap because it uses materials you can easily find at home. I have started teaching my daughter Jolly Phonics and because she is a visual learner, she learns best when she sees. As we were learning about the letter S, I thought of creating this movable snake that she could use to form the letter S and hiss like a snake too. Once I built the basic snake structure, I let her take charge of decorating the snake, and she’s surely made one colourful looking snake.

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Latika Chawla – Stars in the Desert

Hi, I am Latika Chawla, mum to two boys, ages 6 & 3. My blog, Stars in the Desert, is my creative outlet – my way of expressing myself and recording special moments spent with my kids. Some of my favourite things to pen about are life & motherhood, easy crafts for kids, home remedies, easy & healthy kid-friendly recipes, etc.

Below are two of our favorite picks from the various crafts we have done so far.

1. Walking Rainbow – Fun experiment for Kids

My elder son loves Rainbows. He loves doing activities that involve rainbow colors. Recently, we came across the Walking Rainbow experiment and decided to give it a try.This experiment uses basic ingredients available in your kitchen and is very easy to set-up. It’s great to teach them about color mixing, and primary and secondary colors. It take 3-4 days for the complete effect to take place, and will require some patience on the kids’ part.

I think I had as much fun and was equally anxious to see the changes, as the kids were. It is a must-try activity to do with pre-schoolers, which is a lot of fun and educational too!


Read the entire step-by-step tutorial here.

2. DIY Walkie Talkie

What’s better than a fun craft activity? When the craft is used as a toy for hours of role-play fun, of course! Made with recyclable materials, these DIY Walkie-Talkie are super easy to make.

Read the complete step-by-step tutorial here
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Amanda Dias- Raising my knight

Hi there, I’m Amanda. My blog captures what I love to do with my son. Join us on our journey where we explore new arenas, create a whole new world filled with art and color, learn and discover together through simple everyday things.Here are two of our favorite crafts that we absolutely love and I bet you will too:


1. Marble run:

This activity is great to develop motoring skills and the puzzle can range from easy to difficult depending on your child’s age range.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Read entire tutorial here.

2. Chopstick Claw:

This activity is great to strengthen their grip and motoring skills. You can add point system if your child is competitive.

2018-09-25 10.46.43 2.jpg

Read complete step-by-step process here.

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