10+ Indian Flag Easy Crafts for Kids

TIRANGA– a combination of tricolors that fills each Indian heart with proud at the very sight of it.

The best way to teach young kids about our country is involving them in making some fun crafts that depict the nation like it’s flag, culture, national animal or bird.

On the occasions of Independence Day and Republic Day, in particular, we can create some really easy and quick Indian Flag Crafts with even young kids and toddlers.

Here are very simple tricks.


Using easily washable water colors or poster colors or even food colors, these cute Tiranga handprints can be made with  young babies and kids.

Either print of tricolor on single hand or multiple prints of single colored palms.

Tiranga Handprint

Handprint Tiranga Craft











Pom poms are so much fun and such variety of crafts we can use them for, so easily. Using cloths peg to pick and color with pom poms is very good exercise for fine motor skills for those tiny fingers.

Pom Pom
Using cloths peg to pick pom pom and color is good for fine motor skills.
Pom Pom Tiranga
Coloring with pom poms










Or simply stick them on  a paper plate or plain paper in any form or shape to form tricolor.

Sticking Pom poms to form Tiranga










Remember bursting the bubble wraps what come wrapped around washing machine or refrigerator or television?

Yes, the same bubble wrap pieces can be used to make Tiranga. Just pour color on plate, little watery consistency. Dip bubble wrap piece in it and imprint on paper.. TaDa.

Bubble wrap
Using bubble wrap to make Tiranga
Tissue Roll Tiranga Firework in making











Simply cut half tissue roll lengthwise to give a octopus-type shape (don’t cut full). Dip the octopus tentacles in colors (watered down colors poured in plate) and imprint on paper – tricolor firework !!

More craft idea by Bubble Wrap.

Easy Fall Theme Bubble Wrap Art


I have used tricolor wrapping papers, any paper can be used.

Cut small square pieces of colorful papers, make cones, stick in circular form on a circular cardboard. Stick a blue centre. Done!!










This paper cone wreath looks so beautiful and is super easy to make with just minimal basic requirements.

See Step-by-step tutorial of Tiranga Wreath here.

Indian Flag Craft- Wreath


Mixing colors in shaving foam is a very good sensory activity. And numerous creative designs can be made with it.

Simply take shaving foam in a flat container or tray. Add drops of diluted food colors and mix them to form the design of Tiranga. Then just keep a thick paper sheet so as to get the colors on it, and then remove excess foam with spatula; carefully not to mix colors and let it dry.

My toddlers loved mixing colors and we even made some modern coloring art after we made our flag.

Food colors dropped and mixed in shaving foam
Shaving foam flag
Excess shaving foam is removed and let dry











Toddlers love popsicle crafts and they are easy to stick too. Either we can take colored ice-cream sticks or color them at home using poster colors. The blue chakra is drawn with sketch color. Stick them together to form Tiranga and it can be hung on the wall too.


Pulses Tiranga










Here I have used saffron and green colored pulses and colored white rice flakes with blue food color to form the chakra.

Don’t waste these pulses, feed them to birds later.


Simplest of all is the paper Tiranga that we have been making since childhood. I let my toddler color and stick the flag to the rolled paper stick.


Some Other Crafts can include –

  • Tiger Mask – National Animal
  • Lotus Craft – National Flower
  • Peacock Crafts
  • Tiranga Rangoli

Lion Mask

Lotus craft on wall








Next Independence Day or Republic Day, do indulge in crafting along with watching the parade and speeches. Don’t forget to play some patriotic songs and National Anthem.

“Jhanda uncha rahe hamara, vijayi vishwa tiranga pyara”

An idea for a creative Tiranga pic: tricolored  clothes folded with a blue bottle cap in between.



Would love to know and learn how you educate you child about India, it’s history and culture?


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A to Z Crafts for Kids Cover final

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  1. Brilliant ideas, Kinshoo! Your DIY craft ideas are just amazing. I never get such ideas on my own. Till now we have only colored the flag using paint and crayons. Will be doing these activities with Nemit, he will love these.

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  2. I am sorry I am sure I left a comment on this post pinned it too, but it seems it did not get posted! Great round up and found some interesting ideas to try with kids ❤

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  3. These are so much fun, I am definitely trying these with my toddler. I am sure she is going to love it and I will be happy to keep her away from screen 🙂

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