Art & Craft Activities for Toddlers

“Every Child is an Artist.” – said Pablo Picasso

So just hand him over the pallet and brush and “let him color his own world”.

My toddler just loves coloring. The moment he sights a brush, a sketch, a crayon.. only thing he insists to do is paint.

I know I need not mention the benefits of Art:

  • Enhances imagination
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Builds fine motor skills
  • Promotes creativity
  • Encourages Out-of-box thinking
  • Gives them a different perspective of life, world, people

Here I am sharing some of our art works that we did together.

  1. Handprinting/ Footprinting

My toddler just loves to smear his hands and feet with colors. Few more ideas of hand/foot print crafts on the page.



2. Bubble wrap art

I didn’t know coloring with bubble wrap would be more fun than just bursting them. Details on how-to do bubble-wrap art on this page.



3. Paper plate Fish

Coloring and making shapes with paper plates is so much fun.

Paper Plate Fish.jpg

4. Clay-doh Craft

Clay craft gives strength to hand muscles and increases hand-eye coordination. Few more ideas of clay-doh craft here.


Clay pic5

5. Vegetable art

Give your kid an okra with color on it and a paper till you finish your lunch. And it will be easy for both of you.

Vegetable Art.png

6. Cotton dabbing

This is so good for learning the boundaries and color recognition. Just dab the cotton with color and fill in the shapes.


Hope you and your little one would enjoy the world of colors and help your child explore and learn!!

Happy coloring!!



14 thoughts on “Art & Craft Activities for Toddlers

Add yours

  1. I love all your activities. It must have been so much fun to do such creative stuff with the kid. I could never get myself to work with the mess that all this would have created. But then I miss the fun too.


  2. These are such simple and wonderful ideas! With vacations soon approaching, instead of looking for classes, I guess I will just buy art supplies and get my munchkins busy.


  3. Really like your creativity,this coloring and painting ideas will help in engaging toddler for quite a sometime.. Will definitely try bubble wrap activity


  4. You are a very creative mom. Loved all the ideas especially the tree and the caterpillar. I agree its important to introduce art and craft to kids to make them creative.


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