How Parents Can Help Their Teens Overcome Depression – Guest Post

Understanding Teenage Depression: How Parents Can Help Their Teens Overcome It

As a parent raising teenage kids, you may be alarmed at the growing cases of teenage depression reported in the news.  Fortunately, there is help for teenage depression. Various studies have been done, with impressive success results.

If you suspect that your teenager is depressed, this article will help you understand the difference between sadness and real depression.  You will also be given guidance on how you can help in your child’s treatment.

Teenage Depression Facts

According to, depression affects 20% of teenagers by the time they reach adulthood. It is described as ‘sadness’ having reached a point where the sufferer is unable to functional normally in school and at home.

Teenage Depression Test


Depression can hit anyone, whether teenager or adult.  But a teenager may be more prone to depression because of the physical and emotional changes of puberty, peer pressures to ‘fit in’ and stressful subjects in school.

Psychologists have designed tests to identify depression in teenagers.  Some of the symptoms are:

  • Being in a deep, negative mood
  • Inability to laugh
  • Isolating oneself from others
  • Difficulty in expressing emotions
  • Suddenly changes like being a loner or being aggressive
  • Destructive actions like self-mutilation
  • No excitement about the future
  • Thoughts about suicide

Causes of Teenage Depression

Depression can be caused by one or a combination of conditions.  One, it can be traced to biological chemistry wherein brain chemicals are impaired.   An imbalance of hormones, especially during puberty, can cause this. Second, it can also be inherited from family.  Third, some traumatic childhood experiences can cause young people to be prone to depression. Fourth, another reason may be being raised in an environment with patterns of negative thinking, causing one to feel helpless in facing the challenges of life.  

Although it may seem that nothing much can be done for causes based on genetics or family issues, there is still available help for teenage depression.

How To Get Out Of Teenage Depression

As a parent, you are in a unique position to help your teenager.  Create an environment of open, loving, non-judgmental environment, where your teenager is free to express their emotions and struggles.  Encourage them to build healthy relationships with their siblings and peers. Volunteer to work alongside them in projects that are focused on helping others.  Not only will this be a bonding opportunity, it will also build a sense of purpose.

Focus on healthy living for the family – plan nutritious meals, exercise and at least 8 hours of sleep. Since physical and mental health are closely connected, any effort to establish healthy habits will boost their moods.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to seek professional advice.  Aside from motivating you, their training and success in treating other kids may give  you more treatment strategies.

Don’t give up, there is help for teenage depression.  Many kids have been cured.  As a parent, your strong physical and emotional support will be a big help in bringing your teenager back on track.  Continue to read teenage depression articles for updates in successful strategies.


About the Writer:



Jocelyn Abay is a freelance content creator, having written newsletters and ebook as a ghostwriter.  She follows the latest news in personal finance, real estate and home organising. Previously, she worked as an IT professional in banking and insurance.


DISCLAIMER: The views and thoughts expressed in this article are those of the author and are not intended medical advise.

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  1. This is an interesting post. Many a time we do not even realise we are depressed. So the question of treatment does not arise. Unless depression reaches a state of clinical level, help of a doctor is not sought. There are medicines to treat depression. Non medical approaches like sports, diet, positive environment at home etc may be much better than taking pills.

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