Roaring with Dinos in Dubai – Dinosaur Park

UAE has become one of the favorite tourist attraction,mainly because of the variety it offers, easy affordability, wide choices of cuisines and shopping; and availability of activities for every age group and interest.

Being living in UAE from almost 6 years, we usually go to particular spots or attractions, when some relatives visit us. It’s always added fun to go with family, and UAE always keeps adding new attractions.

Last December, when relatives were here for Dubai tour, I had never even thought I would be excited to go to DINOSAUR PARK. Honestly, I never watched anything related to dinosaurs after the first Jurassic Park movie or a little bit of Jurassic Park 2. That’s IT!!

But with my toddler’s growing interest in dinosaurs, I now know a couple of tongue twister names too and enjoy and love everything about dinos. . be it cartoon series like Dinosaur Train, Barni, Dino Paws, Peppa Pig and her dino lover brother George who can’t speak anything else other than “Dinosaur, gggrrrr” .. YES, i have seen these all …  #Truestory of #toddlermom

Here is the video of our adventures in Dinosaur Park.

Here is a glimpse of our trip to DINOSAUR PARK, DUBAI:

Dinosaur Park 1
My Dinosaur fan with his cousin sitting on Triceratops

At the entrance, they have set up a Triceratops with the name of the park in background, for a perfect picture.

Dinosaur Park 2
A Roaring T-Rex

A Roaring Scary T-Rex with its big sharp shiny scavenger teeth can only seem attractive to a toddler deeply in love with dinos.. love is blind. LOL

BTW, T-Rex is abbreviation of Tyrannosaurus Rex. And I can’t tell which one is a T-rex or Allosaurus, or Albertosaurus …  they are look exactly same to me. Period!

Dinosaur Park 3Actually, I was worried that he might get scared because of the loud shrieking roaring sounds that these freaks were making tapping their tail and the light effects that made them even more frightening. But, boy! he proved me wrong!!

Seee!! Told ya!!

But with each one from the familia, my dinosaur boy would also ROAR!!

You might like to see what activities we do involving Dinosaurs.

10 dinosaur activities

There were few long necked ones, and please don’t ask me to differentiate between Brachiosaurus, Brontosaurus and Diplodocus. … phew!!

SEEEEEE!! They look so similar to a layman, like me. I ain’t PALEONTOLOGIST. Period!

The park has few dinos that move front & back, up & down, shake their neck, tongue and  tap their enormous tail making grumpy roars; and babies hatching out of eggs with eerie sounds and grunts .. spooky? Hell YESSS!!

There are few cute dino statues also to get pics with kids.

If you have a  dino crazy kid, Dinosaur Park is a must visit for you. A lifetime experience, like walking in a Jurassic Park amidst humongous predators roaring and staring at you.. (OK, last line was bit exaggeration!).

See our craze and love for dinos that we even hosted b’day party based on Dinosaur Theme . These are designed by me and something I am proud of. You can download free printables here.

Dinosaur Themed Party - Free Printables

The Dinosaur Park opens at 4:00 PM everyday till 12 midnight (timing is subjective to change). So the pictures might look bit dark or blurry because of the glaze of lights and decorative lighting.

Few more pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dinosaur Park is inside Glow Garden, which has beautiful and mind-blowing light decorations and themes. But we wanted to cover Dinosaur Park till there was some daylight.

For details:

Dubai Garden Glow website

Now this Dino Mom (Yes, that’s my name these days) is signing off, because Dinos need rest too.. zzzz


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  1. My daughter is crazy about the dinosaurs and I have a feeling she would love this place. I have saved it to keep it as a guide when I visit this place.

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