Guest Post – Mosaic Craft

Hello Moms!

Here is a Guest Post by an awesome DIY Mom Abidha Basheer of Insightful Grace. She is presenting a super easy craft activity to do with toddlers and kids. You should not miss it and it is a must try as it is- mess free, improves motor skills, great scope of creativity. Keep Reading…..

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Hello buddies!

This is Abidha Basheer from Insightful Grace, a lifestyle blogger from Abu Dhabi-UAE sharing positive vibes with hopes of making the world a better place.

I am beyond happy to do this guest post for my dear fellow blogger Kinshoo.

For mothers trying to get their kids off screens yet keep them busy and build their creativity – we are here to help.

Doing crafts with kids is a great way to spend time together and create memories. Today I’m sharing with you a simple idea to get crafty with your bundles. This is especially good for those parents who dread messy paint crafts (not that they are bad but I understand paints can be expensive and messy to clean up when you have limited time).

Mosaic art is easy, cheap and flexible. All you need is a design in mind, color papers and glue. This is especially good for smaller kids since you don’t have to use scissors.

Insightful Grace 2

Draw the design on a paper. Here my son wanted to make traffic light so we have 3 circles ready. We took red, yellow and green papers and tore them to tiny pieces, no need to be exact about the size of pieces.

Insightful Grace 3

Apply glue to circle and get sticking with the color paper pieces. It doesn’t have to be neat.

Insightful Grace 4

And voila! Your master piece is ready! The artworks you can make with these are limitless! You can create a full scenery with this!

Insightful Grace 1

Here’s another example!

Insightful Grace 5


So what are you waiting for! Get tearing!

❤️ Abidha Basheer ❤️

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Disclaimer: The photographs in this post are original and owned by the guest author. Reproduction in any form without the permission of the author will not be allowed.



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  1. I have done this with my 2 year old. Though it didn’t turn out so neat, it was mostly randomly sticking the pieces of paper. But he really enjoyed nonetheless


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