Life of DIY Mom- A Sneak Peak

When I started making felt book, or foam shapes, clay-doh crafts, I had not even thought of Blogging or showcasing my work… as I didn’t even think (honestly) that it was even close to all those talented DIY moms’ work out there on Pinterest and Instagram.

But when I thought of sharing it on my social media, I started getting queries from not-so-crafty moms (like-me), who find it difficult to keep hyper-active kids busy at home and manage chores too. And so went ahead with sharing more fun learning easy DIY activities.

I am often asked “how I manage my toddler to do as directed and get any activity or craft done?” . Well! The answer is –

Keep expectations to minimum and enjoy the process.

Head on to Softsens page to read my full interview on my journey and experience as a “DIY MOM” – which is what I am called today!!


Please do share your views on the same.

Must Read is my answer to the last question (which I am actually happily proud about)-

Q. According to you, what are the top 3 reasons Moms & Dads should engage in more DIY craft activities with their kids?

A. Making memories, Nurture thinkers, Visionaries.

Head on the post to read the full answers.



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