Life of DIY Mom- A Sneak Peak

When I started making felt book, or foam shapes, clay-doh crafts, I had not even thought of Blogging or showcasing my work… as I didn’t even think (honestly) that it was even close to all those talented DIY moms’ work out there on Pinterest and Instagram.

But when I thought of sharing it on my social media, I started getting queries from not-so-crafty moms (like-me), who find it difficult to keep hyper-active kids busy at home and manage chores too. And so went ahead with sharing more fun learning easy DIY activities.

I am often asked “how I manage my toddler to do as directed and get any activity or craft done?” . Well! The answer is –

Keep expectations to minimum and enjoy the process.

Head on to Softsens page to read my full interview on my journey and experience as a “DIY MOM” – which is what I am called today!!


Please do share your views on the same.

Must Read is my answer to the last question (which I am actually happily proud about)-

Q. According to you, what are the top 3 reasons Moms & Dads should engage in more DIY craft activities with their kids?

A. Making memories, Nurture thinkers, Visionaries.

Head on the post to read the full answers.



3 thoughts on “Life of DIY Mom- A Sneak Peak

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  1. You’re doing an awesome job, ma’am. I had always faltered at my arts and crafts classes in school, because of lack of proper guidance. Know how much concentration it requires to teach kids to engage in creative activities. Keep up the good work.

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