How to Encourage a child without being Rude

“My baby was learning to kick a ball. He threw his leg up in the air, and fell on his back on the ground with a thump.. with his head hitting first..”

What did I do after that??

Never allowed him to play football after that?

Hover around him like a helicopter trying to safegaurd him at each step??

Scared him so much that he won’t even touch a ball ever again??

Kids teach us so many things in life and make us realize so many mistakes that we make unknowingly.

Mine has taught me that they are mentally stronger than we think. They just need our love and empathy.

Every parent wishes their child to be strong enough to fight the world on his own. But we can’t see our babies getting hurt too.

Kids love to play and run around, and falling on ground or getting scratches, bruises, cuts is inevitable. Rather these are important for growing and learning.


A mom’s heart breaks to see her baby in pain.

We tend to panic the moment we see kiddo tripping over while walking.Β We rush to pick them up when they lose balance while trying to kick a ball and topple over.


So, What we should do –

  1. Run and pick them up , and panic?
  2. Ignore them?
  3. Ask them to get up on their own?

Head on to my write-up on “How to Encourage a child without being Rude”Β published on

Do read and share your views what you think about it and what are the tactics you use to encourage and motivate your child.

We all moms are learning and growing and becoming a better person with our kids!


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Cheers to Mommyhood!!


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