Guest Post – DIY Fork Family – Easy Activity for Kids

Hello Moms!

Here is a Guest Post by Innovative DIY mom Deepa Jai Singh of Mom is Learning. She is presenting a very interesting and cute DIY craft activity for toddlers and kids. No much preparation, not too many requirements. Quick fix to kill boredom and vast scope of enhancing creativity and no limit of options and ideas. Here it goes….

Guest Post-Deepa.png

So, the crafty mom blogger Deepa is here from with an easy and smart DIY Fork Family Craft for toddlers and preschoolers. This activity is aimed at making the bored kids a bit active. This needs only a little supervision and will yield a lot of appreciation.


Gather these things and get started:

  • Glue stick or Tube
  • beads/ googly eyes
  • Forks -4 or 5
  • Colour and paint brush
  • Some accessories like old hair clips, bows and ribbon.

Let’s go!

Step 1.

Collect all the material and sit with the kid.

Gather all material

Step 2.

Ask the kid to paint each fork in as per their understanding. This will allow them to decide which area can be the face, and which area can be the head etc. This develops a sense of confidence in the child.


Step 3.

Let them decide where they want the eyes, mouth and hair.


Step 4.

Laugh together at those cute and silly faces. Then offer the hair accessories.


Step 5.

Let them decide everything using their imagination and the result will be wonderful.

Step 6.

Let the paints and accessories dry completely before the entire fork family is reunited.


This simple yet creative activity will become your child’s favorite. Kids will ask for some more paint for another activity and thus some parent child time together is ensured.

A confidant child, a happy mom, a recipe to cure boredom are all stirred in this single activity.

Check out this super easy and mess-free DIY activity by Guest Mom Abidha Basheer

Guest Post - Mosaic Craft


Don’t forget to sing the fork family song once it’s dry.

Mummy fork mummy fork, where are you?

Here I am! Here I am! How do you do?


Momislearning ‘s author Deepa Jaisingh has made many other interesting DIY’s with her daughter and you can follow her as below.





Happy Crafting!!


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  1. Thanks for providing such a great platform to bring out our skills in front of the world.
    This is a great DIY and upcycles the plastic one use cutlery.

    Liked by 1 person

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