Tickikids Review – Guide of Kids’ Activities in UAE

Weekend is here, what’s your plan ??

Before kiddo joining our life, we never had to look for kid-friendly weekend spots,or hunt for kids’ activities, or toddler-friendly restaurants. But that’s how life changes post-kids!!

Now Weekends include trip to zoo, park, fun zones, play areas etc. And places that allow messy-painting, have ball-pits, bouncing castles, slides, splash pools, face painitng etc.

But how to know where these activities are happening in UAE????

Here is the Answer – Ticki Kids UAE.




Tickikids was started by Sergej – dad of two boys, during his paternity leave! At that time he spent a lot of time with his first son and the biggest challenge was to find interesting places for little kid.

One morning he woke up and decided that parents need an online service which would collect information about all the events and attractions for kids. This service had to be easy to use, let parents book tickets and unite families into a fascinating journey around the city!


On the website, parents can find all upcoming events, camps, activities, special offers, family friendly locations and restaurants. Tickikids has created useful Guides to all Free events in UAE, Today in UAE etc . 

Every Week they create Weekend Guide for kids and families where they highlight the most awesome events on these weekend:



Weekend guide for Abu Dhabi

Weekend guide for Dubai

So, now Tickikids is a huge international online resource that working for people with the main mission to save kids from iPads!

Children nowadays spend a lot of time with iPads and game consoles. Tickikids Team wants to help parents easily find fun, sporty and educational activities for their children so that kids can spend more time making new friends and learning new skills.

Modern parents have too much on their plates! Working parents say they feel stressed, tired, rushed and short on quality time with their children, friends, partners or hobbies, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. We want to make Parents life a little bit easier and more enjoyable, by giving them a convenient and quick way to choose the best activities they can take part in with their children. Using our service Parents should be able to significantly shorten the time of searching kids activities, have a full scope of the things they can do in UAE with kids and even buy/book tickets for events.

Dive Deep into the amazing world of performances, workshops, camps, races, festivals, classes with Tickikids!

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Personal Experience:

Being a SAHM and full-time care taker of a toddler is very demanding and exhausting at the same time. Tickikids have been very useful and pocket-friendly guide. The updates about free activities for kids in different malls especially during Ramadan have been my savior. Also an awesome guide for kid-friendly restaurants, so that we both eat in peace.

It is so easy to get detailed information about the events, camps happening around the city and so convenient to book the tickets online without having to stand in queues with kids.

In case you are planning to register your little one to a summer camp, you have extensive options available for that too in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Tickikids-summer camps.png

Planning to splash to beat the heat? Here is where you can go this summer – WADI ADVENTURE – check the amazing offer they have for 20th & 21st July. DON’T MISS IT !!


Isn’t it a great initiative by a thoughtful father! So next time when you are planning a day out with little ones, you know what are your options and your one-stop website. Right!!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. However, details included are provided by the company to create awareness. The personal experience is my own and other details are as per available on their website.

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