Say NO to Plastic, Switch to Bamboo

PLASTIC has become an inseparable part of our lives.  From morning toothbrush to meal plates, spoons, stationary, carry bags, to night time combing; we use plastic and a lot of plastic, for that matter.

This post is not about the harmful effects or toxic nature of plastic products, we all know that already.

This post is dedicated to an organization CLING NATURE UAE that is trying to bring in the environment friendly positive change in our lifestyle by introducing eco-friendly sustainable non-plastic products at affordable rates.

Our mission to reduce plastic and make earth a better place for future generations.

                                                                                          – Cling Nature UAE

They call themselves as Earth Warriors instead of environmentalists, who are determined to fight against Plastic usage. They are not only campaigning or “just saying”; instead they have come up with a solution – just swap Plastic with Bamboo.

Sustainable Living .. BAMBOO is the Answer !


  1. Bamboo absorbs up to 5 times more Carbon Dioxide an releases 35% more Oxygen into the atmosphere as compared to equivalent hardwood trees.
  2. Bamboo is cut and not uprooted while harvesting, so need not be replanted for regrowing, aiding to soil sustainability.
  3. Bamboo is the quickest and fastest growing plants, and that too without the need of fertilizers and pesticides.
  4. Bamboo is naturally bacteria and pest resistant.

Following are the few great products that would really make sense for a positive switch.


  •  Natural Bamboo Product
  • Compostable brush handle
  • Biodegradable packing
  • A sleek, natural look and feel
  • BPA-free bristles

While switching to a natural toothbrush may seem like a small change, the stats would show that we could all make a big difference if we each committed to doing things a better way.

The Handle

The handle is made of MOS bamboo, an environmentally sustainable timber. The bamboo is heat treated to carbonise the surface of the bamboo, giving it a quality finish and good service life. The carbonisation finishing process provides water resistance and prevents the growth of microbes (bacteria and moulds) during normal use.

The Bristles

  1. The bristles are made from Nylon4, bamboo fiber or corn fiber.
  2. It’s recommended to rinse and dry toothbrush after use to keep it clean.
Bamboo Toothbrush
Standard toothbrush_bristles
Bamboo Toothbrush


  •  Reusable Bamboo straws, 100% natural bamboo material. No chemical treated.
  • Eco Friendly & Reusable: Stop Using Plastic, Acrylic, And Other, Metal Or Petroleum Derived Disposable Drinking Straws.
  • Conventional Straws Not Only Jeopardize Your Health And Put A Dent In Your Family’s Budget, But They Also Fill The Earths Landfills With Excess Waste.
  • Our Premium Drinking Straws Are Made From Organic, Sustainably Sourced Bamboo, Making Them A Foolproof Choice, Benefiting Both You And The Environment.
  • Non Toxic & Safe: Free Of Any Harmful Chemicals, Bpa, Or Other, Dangerous Compounds Contained In Conventional Drinking Straws,
  • Bamboo Straws Are Perfect For Kids And Adults Alike.
  • Bamboo Straws Are Ideal For Warm And Icy Cold Drinks, Making Them Your New, Trusted, Year Round Drinking Companion!



  • Reusable Bamboo straws, 100% natural bamboo material. No chemical treated.
  • Eco Friendly & Reusable: Stop Using Plastic.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Comes in a carry pouch
  • Great for kids lunch boxes
  • Perfect party return favors
Bamboo reusable cutlery
Bamboo Reusable Cutlery



  • This is the Must have product, its ALL in ONE and great for anyone anywhere,
  • For kids a good water bottle, carry hot-chocolate , milk shakes, juices and maintain its hot and cold temperatures for 10hrs in a stretch.
  • Leak proof lid, Stainless Steel inner body.
  • Vacuum flask with bamboo insulation.
  • Comes with a On the GO Tea Infuser. Now easy to make any tea green, black , lemon or ginger anywhere without any hassle.
  • Elegant looks and Complete Eco friendly companion.
Bamboo Flask



  • STOP pulling these thin plastic bags while you go shopping, they are hazardous and TOXIC.
  • Start using these fridge and produce bags fill in your fresh fruits/veggies and label it.
  • Store them directly in your fridge and once empty they are ready for the next round of grocery and veggie shopping.
  • Store in popcorn/chips and take them in your car and have it PLASTIC Free.
  • Made from PURE Cotton fabric and hand-stitched by less privileged ladies, so help support local villagers and offer them your helping hand.
Produce Bag

Get your cloth carry bag and help earth and also help the other women.

One can shop these and many more such bio-degradable nature friendly products on the site of  CLING NATURE UAE and are also available on Souq.

One can contact them on Instagram and Facebook also.

They also supply return favors or party favors or party orders or corporate gifting. So plan environment friendly Birthday or Ramadan party with Cling Nature UAE and give the best gift to your family, friends and employees, and take a small step to Save the Mother Nature!!


So start SMALL ….. and start TODAY !!


DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. Purpose of this post is to create awareness about the eco-friendly products. However product information and images are provided by the company.


6 thoughts on “Say NO to Plastic, Switch to Bamboo

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  1. Love this informative post on all the different products out there making our lives that much easier.

    We as a family have been consciously trying to avoid using single use plastic on basic things such as straws, water bottle , shopping bags. Even if I forget my kids remind me.

    I agree small changes do make huge difference.

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