Pretend-Play Cooking – with Hape Toys – Review

Have you noticed your kid checking your temperature with a thermometer pretending to be a doctor or nurse?

Pretend Play is very important is various aspects as it enhances development of Language, Imagination, Social and Emotional behavioral skills, Thinking and understanding of practical aspects.

Recently my 3 year old is very much interested in cooking pretentious play, and would also love to help in kitchen in stirring and washing vegetables.

We were just using the kitchen utensils earlier. And then we got this cute Hamburger and Hot Dog set by Hape Toys  .


It has 18 pieces including lettuce, cheese slices, bun pieces, hot dog, ham, tomato etc.

So I thought of teaching him the whole cycle through in this way. This is how we started:


  • Hape Hamburgers & Hot Dogs Toy Set
  • Plastic or thermocol vegetables
  • Plastic knife
  • Plastic plate
  • Small basket
  • Fake currencies (plain paper can be used)
  • Cash register (optional)
  • Child safe Knife and fork set
  1. Shopping – First Step is grocery shopping and we love to shop with his cash register. He knows that we need to pay money to the storekeeper to buy vegetables and other stuff.


2. Followed by some pretend chopping of tomatoes, lettuce and buns – using plastic knife.


3. Then preparing the bun was so much fun for him that he kept on cooking different combinations of burgers.



4. Plating and serving- he enjoyed this part too

5. Eating – of course parents were made to eat the burgers prepared by him, LOL.

A simple great toy can be so much fun learning, developing, and it keeps him busy for good long time these days. So while I cook, he cooks too.. WIN- WIN!!

Favorable Points:

  1. Enhances Social and Fine motor skills
  2. Promotes Imagination and Creativity
  3. Physical balancing of the burger with veggie, cheese slices and cutlet
  4. Sturdy wooden pieces
  5. Attractive colors
  6. Appearance Close to real objects
  7. Easy to play and create combinations
  8. Good for developing interest in cooking
  9. Keeps little one busy for half an hour or so
  10. Develops interest in cooking and food and eating

The only thing is does not offer much scope for creating variety of burgers. It has 2 exactly same hamburgers and 2 exactly same hot dogs. So instead of repetitions, in the 18 pieces, they could have included more veggie slices like carrot or onion, or different type of bun or bread or cutlets, or sauce or mayo. Would have been much more interesting and engaging.

Verdict: 4/5

This toy was sent to us by Toybox . They have a wide range of toys, kid’s furniture, educational items etc. They are quick in delivery and deliver all over UAE. Orders can be made online from the website or contact them on Instagram.


Disclaimer: This product was sent to us for review, however, the views and photos and activity ideas and thoughts are all mine.




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