Dinosaurs Jump and Hide in Cloud Dough

My toddler is a Dinosaur Boy and he just loves everything about Dinos.

It is always a task to keep toddlers entertained. So I try to include Dinos in his daily learning activities – and Bingo!! Win- Win

So I recently tried this Dinosaur Jumping Game, which is awesome fun and kept my hyperactive boy busy for almost an hour,  that I got my cooking done in the meantime.

Then I read about Sensory Play using Cloud Dough which is edible safe and great for motor and sensory learning.

Cloud Dough can have silky smooth or powdery texture. It can be easily brushed off or moulded in shapes.


  • Flour
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Tiny Dinosaurs Toys
  • Brush (any type)

I mixed flour and vegetable oil in 8:1 ratio and it was bit powdery form to serve my purpose.

Download Dinosaur Activity Sheets

For Dinosaur Jumping:

Stuck a ruler with tape to a box and the Dinos would jump from it straight to the box of Cloud Dough (and of course there would be misses and hits).


Then toddler would brush off the dough and clean the Dinos. And they are ready to Jump again.



  • Balancing Dinos on ruler improving co-ordination
  • How to make Dinos jump from the ruler so that they fall in dough box only
  • Sensory activity encourage to explore, play and create
  • Enhance motor activity by brushing off the dough


  • Cloud Dough is edible safe
  • It can stay for a week or so if stored in air-tight box

Let the Dinos Jump and Hide!!

18 thoughts on “Dinosaurs Jump and Hide in Cloud Dough

Add yours

  1. That’s a simple yet engaging game! Going to try with cars and dolls for my Tweenies… it’s gonna be some sight to see Barbie Landing directly in the cloud dough! Ha ha


  2. I am always looking for activities which will keep my kid entertained for a while.I just need to buy the ruler and then I am good to go.
    Thankyou gor sharing this activity with us.


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