KIDLOLAND: A Fun Educational App -Review

We learn different opinions and viewpoints about handing mobiles, tablets and computer, tv to younger children. There is no doubt that excessive screen time is detrimental for both young ones and adults.

“Everything in excess is harmful, even a Vitamin.”

However, a gauged use of technology can be more benefitting.

It’s not correct to deprive a child from learning how to use a mobile/laptop in an era where banking, shopping, education – all are operated on either mobile or computer/tablets.

“What’s important is to filter the exposure and keep a CHECK.”

Screen time SHOULD be avoided before 1 year of age. After that, limited or occasional screen time should not cause much harm. A few minutes of nursery rhymes or jingles will entertain the toddler, and give mommy a breather. After all, mom needs breaks too.

“What’s most dangerous is HABIT; thus regulation and limitation is essential.”

Kidloland is an educational fun learning app that includes nursery rhymes, stories, color and shape, activities, puzzles, games etc. My 2.8 year old loves singing with Dinos and enjoys coloring the kites.

What we like most:

  1. Dino songs

Of course, because we eat, sleep, live with Dinosaurs. I also like the cute baby Dinos, much better than the horrific looking ones in finger family songs that he accidentally came across on other site.

  1. Flash cards

Darsh particularly enjoyed the Vehicle themed flash cards. The best part is that he likes to repeat after it and so learns proper pronunciations.

  1. Colors & Shapes

The activity includes coloring of different shapes involved in different scenes. It is super fun and engaging.  And of course learning shapes and also colors as they repeat the names while coloring.

  1. Long live Old Mc Donald

Our all-time favourite and a life-savour at times. He (and also we) enjoys tapping on those cute animals as they make sounds. My boy gets thrilled with the moos and meows. Total Animal Lover!!

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Plus Points:

  • No unfiltered content (Great Relief – I was tired of blocking channels and videos showing violence and horrid scenes in baby videos in the names of family finger songs.)
  • Can work offline once downloaded
  • Easy learning of so many concepts like Universe, Weathers, Seasons, Months, Occupations, Sports etc.
  • Colors and graphics do not hurt eyes.
  • Better platform to place child on rather than throwing him in an ocean of videos where there are no boundaries and difficult to track history.
  • Has enough content that a child won’t get bored easily.
  • Appropriate for kids of all age groups.
  • Involvement in activities keeps kid engaging rather than behaving like a couch potato.


  • Screen-time has to be limited irrespective of age groups.
  • Please keep proper lighting while exposing kids to screen.
  • Keep a note in case you notice any difference in their viewing behavior, eye sight or psychological behaviors.
  • Over-involvement is not recommended.


A great educational app for exposing little ones to fun learning along with entertainment.

You can visit their website     To know more

You can simply download the App  by clicking the link below for –


Disclaimer: The thoughts and views are my own. Parents’ discretion is essential.






18 thoughts on “KIDLOLAND: A Fun Educational App -Review

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  1. Technology is going to develop each day and indeed we need prepare our children and there is no point to keep them away from it. So you have rightly said, that we just need to filter the exposure.

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  2. This seems like an interesting change for kids from the regular chu chu tv ! And of course with a regular check and monitoring, scheduled screen time is pretty good and a learning experience for kids!

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  3. I truly believe that technology is a vital part of our lives and that includes children. As you rightly said as long as the child is not addicted its fine. This app looks so cool. Esp love the concept of flash cards. They have really helped develop my son’s vocabulary.

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  4. Looks like ana amazing app to teach the toddler a thing or two and I agree that in today’s era it’s difficult to follow conventional methods and keep kids totally away from the technology . Will be checking out this app on IOS

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  5. seems to be a great app. anyway, at some point in life, our kids are going to see something or another on smartphones. It would be best if they are getting access to helpful things.

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