Cereal Box Holders

It’s truly said that baby makes you learn new things, and one who has never sat idle is more forced to try hands on new things.

And I used to utilize my “me time” with an infant in DIY easy projects of home décor.

Sharing some super easy and low cost ideas here.


Cereal Box Holders:

These can be used to store Books/ Papers/ Stationary/ etc. Easy and quick to make, can be kept anywhere – on top of table, shelf, cupboard, working table etc.


Empty Cereal Box/ Toy Box/Diaper Box/ or any cardboard box

Cardboards/ pamphlets (of restaurants, supermarkets)/ thick papers/ sheets

Wrapping papers/ Crepe paper/ Wallpaper sticker

Glue/ Sello tape (plain or colored)


  • Collect cereal boxes, toy boxes or any kind of cardbox box which has closed sides.
  • Cut edges of one side of box for open ending (mouth).
  • Cardboards or thick papers/ sheets etc. can be glued to the bottom of the box to give it sturdiness. I had used pamphlets to make the base thicker and heavier.
  • Stick the decoration paper which ever you are using – wrapping/ crepe paper can be stuck using glue or sellotape. I had used wallpaper sticker so didn’t need glue or tape. Wallpaper sticker was thicker than wrapping or crepe papers and also available in beautiful, not too bright colors and designs, thus would go with any kind of interior décor.

I had kept one on shoe rack for pamphlets, newspapers;


one on bed side for toddler books,


and few in cupboards for storing stationary and bank documents/bills etc.



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