Mom Learns with the Baby


“You guide me and I shall follow!!” That is the “funda” my son. Like in the pic, He is holding my hand and directing my way through his life journey!

I am a First Time Mother. With the usual confusions, struggles, misapprehensions, peer-pressures, fear of failing to be good mother; and the list goes on; I too fell in the trap initially. But in my motherhood journey, my boy has helped me in evolving as a much better, stronger and confident person.

He teaches me how to teach him. It’s fun and easier to follow the baby’s cues.

Baby grows and changes at astounding pace; and every month brings new and exciting developments. One needs to trust the baby, they really are much more intelligent, rational and perceptive than we think.

The idea of this blog is to share the fun, exciting activities that we do each day. We try to learn things in practical ways. We try to explore as much as we can.

I am trying to share my learnings through this blog to give ideas to other moms who sometimes find it difficult to keep their hyper active toddlers engaged. It is very important to channelize their energies in appropriate manner.

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